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Scavenger Hunt

For this game you will need a supply of small items that you can hide for the kids to find. Suggested items are small cars, a deck of cards, a small box of crayons, a yo-yo, a Frisbee - things like this are perfect for this game. While the kids are playing another game, hide these items around the picnic area. Be sure to keep them near the general area so that kids don't wander off too far. Once you have them all hidden, make a list of the items for each kid - and send them out to find them. Make sure you have enough for all kids to search for, and it's a good idea to tell the kids there is a limit to how many they can find. This way one kids won't find six things while another finds none. When they find every item on the list, tell them they get to keep what they have found, or they can trade with anyone who is willing to trade with them.

The great thing about these games is that the kids are going to be tired when the day is done. You can get them back home and in bed - allowing you a little quiet time to wind down.

These picnic games for kids are great for early Spring activities.
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